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Shelving systems provide an ideal way of storing, organising and identifying small parts when handling component storage in warehouses and picking areas.With a wide selection of shelving systems and options we can offer comprehensive solutions for any small parts storage or picking area; multi-tier shelving, mobile shelving, carton flow or sign and marking systems.Our products for small part storage and handling provide a unique combination of performance, security and economy.You don’t always need high-spec shelving with a wide range of accessories. Sometimes all that is required is simple, solid shelving.New Economy shelving fits the bill, wherever you need some handy, robust shelving perfectly sized and capable for a huge range of ad-hoc and odd-job storage projects for offices, factories and stores, all over the world.

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking can be configured in a variety of ways and systems, depending on the customer's requirements and pallet load. Whether its frozen food in a cold store utilising either Drive-in racking or mobile racking ,or bulk goods, such as products with an expiry date, that are stored on a FIFO pallet flow system, all goods stored on pallets will be ideally stored by one of these methods as this provides optimal storage economics. Warehousing operation of these racking system is still the most common form of pallet storage.Industry & logistic companies appreciate the versatility of our pallet racking, which can be assembled as single or double depth racks.The standard pallet racking layout provides unrestricted access to all pallets. Pallets stored in wide aisle racking are not subject to any restrictions in layout and are freely accessible at all times.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking, Rollrack, Timber locker and A-rack are specially designed to store long goods and items of varying lengths.Our products for long goods storage are ideal for safe and organised storage of long and heavy loads. They are ideal systems for storing steel bars, pipes, tubes, furniture and packs of timber. Some of them are also suitable for storing boards, metal sheets or large and valuable items such as crates and boxes or even white goods.Cantilever racking does not have front uprights getting in the way of placing and retrieving loads. All levels are available to a forklift truck. The versatility of our Cantilever racking system makes it ideal for all types of work environment: from hand crafting to mass production and from store to retail distributor.Cantilever racking is available in both single sided and double sided.